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Point of Sale System
ISS45 is the premier grocery point of sale system in North America. With features and functions second to nothing else on the market today, it is sure to fill your every POS need. ISS45 is specifically designed to address the needs of the independent grocer. Unmatched reliability and resiliency make it the system of choice for independents large and small. Let us show you how ISS45 can make the difference for your grocery store.

RBO gives the grocer complete front-to-back door control over inventory, pricing, signage, shelf lables, reporting, and DSD. With instant access to item movement and tracking, grocers now have, at their finger tips, the data and power they need for real-time decision making.
Retalix Backoffice
Self Checkout
RMS pleased to offer the complete line of Datalogic scanning products. Datalogic scanner/scales offer the exclusive "All Weighs Platter". This patented feature is standard on all counter mount scanner/scales and can truly insure that produce is weighed correctly no matter how it sits on the scale.
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self checkout
U-Uscan Self-Checkout
Self-Checkout has become a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing bigger each year. More and more shoppers will seek out and shop at stores with self-checkout for many reasons. Shorter lines, quicker in and out, and privacy are just a few reasons customers state. Benefits for the grocer include huge labor savings, better customer satisfaction, and shorter lines in traditional checkstands, just to name a few. Just think about it. You can now have 4 express lanes open with only 1 cashier. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss how self-checkout might work in your store.
Lanehawk is the premier Bottom Of Basket loss prevention solution for independent grocers. Studies show that Lanehawk will stop 80% of bottom of basket losses in a typical grocery store. Lanehawk is the only BOB loss prevention solution that is actually interfaced with your POS system. When Lanehawk detects an item on the bottom of the basket, the casheir is alerted along with a picture of the item right on their display. The cashier then MUST address the item(s) before the sale can be completed insuring that the item is rang up.
connected payments
Ultra Secure Payments
PCI regulations are a headache. Not to mention expensive to comply with. Connected Payments is designed with ultra secure communications protocols that greatly reduce these PCI compliance headaches while delivering cost cutting features to your front end. Credit to Debit conversion, pre-swipe, and electronic signature capture are only a few of the benefits delivered on day one.
The reporting included with Connected Payments is especially powerful with the ability to view reports from multiple stores, one store, or a group of stores.
RMS offers the complete line of SurePOS point of sale hardware. IBM is, and continues to be an industry leading hardware provider of retail hardened point of sale equipment. We offer the complete line of SurePOS 300, 500, and 700 series terminals. The IBM hardware is certified to run seamlessly with all of our grocery software soulutions.
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Connected Payments
NCR delivers POS terminals designed to deliver outstanding performance and investment protection for your business. Both the RealPOS 60 and RealPOS 82XRT enable grocers to deploy industry leading performance, scalability, and system manageability at the front end.